Laboratory of Evaluation and Assessment of Natural Resource

Research Station D&B

Key activities of the Laboratory are the studies and exercises on the field research objects “Krzywda” and “Martew” at Tuczno (west Poland).

The research object „Krzywda“ was established in 1993. This area serves with different forests and post-agricultural areas of different stages of succession as well as about 68 ha of swamps highly eutrophicated because of man’s economic activity, supplied by three watercourses. All these elements are subject to scientific research with the aim to study and analyze the process of succession.

The research object “Martew” was established in the year 1989, with the aim to study the regeneration of pine forests.


On both research objects long-term observations on carabid beetles, pest insects and soil parameters, particularly carbon, are carried out. Additionally, several studies with a focus on landscape ecological aspects have been carried out. These studies dealt with, among others, inventories of butterflies, Hymenoptera or different groups of vertebrates. All these studies are aimed to establish models for principles of landscape planning. Results of these studies are published regularly in international scientific journals.

As contact point serves the D&B Biological Station in Tuczno. This former stable for post horses has an age of about 250 years and is not only an excellent research station, equipped with a lecture room, a preparation room and possibilities for accommodation, but also lends a cozy atmosphere, for example at the nearby fireplace.