Laboratory of Evaluation and Assessment of Natural Resource

Research projects

Assesment and evaluation of natural resources

Head: Dr hab. Axel Schwerk, prof. SGGW

Executors: Dr inż. Izabela Dymitryszyn, mgr inż. Agata Jojczyk


A comprehensive elaboration of field data and statistical analysis of selected natural resources as taxonomic groups of animals (e.g. carabid beetles, bees, birds) and data on organic carbon in natural systems was continued in the context of a long-term study. Only by help of long-term studies it is possible to detect relevant patterns and processes in natural systems. Assessment and evaluation of the data was done on the level of ecosystems and landscape.

A final analysis of an eight-years study of carabid beetles on post-industrial areas revealed important information concerning the successional patterns on this type of areas, including the identification of specific species coenoses for individual stages of succession. The observation of a delayed succession on post-industrial areas could be confirmed. Based on data elaborated on a forest-field research landscape the importance of diversification of successional stages on the landscape level for maintenance of biological diversity was corroborated by advanced statistical analysis. An additional study based on the BACI scheme was started to deepen the knowledge with respect to the impact of human activity on biological diversity. Final analyses of a five-years study on carabid beetles of the by-pass road along the Skępe town were carried out, too. Significant influence of the road construction and renovation on carabid assemblages and environmental factors were proven.

Results of the studies were presented on scientific workshops and conferences and submitted to countrywide and internationally recognized journals for publication.


Yearly report on the studies carried out on the prognostic plots of chosen forest districts in the range of the Regional Department of National Forestry in Piłą (RDLP Piłą)

Head: Prof. dr hab. Jan Szyszko

Executors: dr hab. Axel Schwerk, Prof. dr hab. Jan Szyszko, dr Krzysztof Płatek, mgr Artur Michalski, mgr Paweł Sałek


The research is a part of the integrated program of environmental monitoring led by the National Forestry.

The prognostic report includes analyses of: 1.probability of fluctuations in the populations of pine beauty moth, nun moth and pine-shot beetles, i.e. prognosis of necessity of treatment to prevent pine stands against mass attack of these pest insects, based on collected material and calculation of net reproduction rates for both adults and larvae 2. defining of rules of forest management to avoid gradation of the pest insect species mentioned above and to protect desired biodiversity, 3. describing changes in the functioning of forest ecosystems crucial for biodiversity protection and carbon dioxide sequestration.



Erasmus + KA2 projekt "Sustainable Agiculture and Rural Development" (SARUD)

Head: Dr inż. Izabela Dymitryszyn

Executors: dr hab. Axel Schwerk, mgr inż. Agata Jojczyk


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